Digital Health and AI

Published on August 11, 2020

Ottawa DOM-NFP has identified investment in Artificial Intelligence technologies and collaboration with key AI experts and organizations as important steps for building innovative solutions to healthcare challenges faced by the world. The integration of AI technologies and processes into healthcare and their extensive adoption will require professionals from healthcare, data science, technology, and business to work together.

To facilitate such cross-functional collaboration, the Ottawa DOM-NFP is excited to announce that Dr. Ran Klein has accepted the role of the AI Program Implementation Manager, and Dr. Babak Rashidi has accepted the role of Medical AI Officer.

Ran will lead the Digital Health & AI Support Team that is comprised of Medical AI Officer (s), Data Scientists, Business Development Strategists, Software Developers, AI experts, and volunteers. Ran will help in translating the requirements and needs of the healthcare experts to the technical experts and vice versa. He has a passion for facilitating culture change due to the advent of AI in Healthcare by organizing training, journal club, and talent acquisition activities.

Babak has vast experience in digital health, AI, and Machine Learning. Along with his knowledge in data & analytics, EMR evolution, and patient care, Babak will also bring his medical expertise to the Digital Health & AI Team. He will assist in identifying innovative ideas, and developing and improving the accuracy of prediction tools and algorithms.

Both Ran and Babak will be instrumental in moving the Digital Health & AI Strategy forward.

Get in touch with us at, if you have projects that already have data that could benefit from or be applied to Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to develop the optimal model.

About Ottawa DOM-NFP:

The Department created a not-for-profit corporation registered as Ottawa Department of Medicine (also known as Ottawa DOM-NFP). Its goal is to support researchers, clinicians, PhD scientists, and entrepreneurs in developing and executing innovative, practice-changing programs in the evolving Canadian healthcare landscape.

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